Review Policy


Broad genres I accept:

Specific genres I accept for review:
-contemporany fiction;

Specific genres I do NOT review:
-romance(sometimes I change my mind);

I accept ARCs,finished copies,and SOMETIMES e-books!!!


I am all for helping authors promote their books.I usually make intervies,giveaways,and reviews.

What I include in my review?
-book cover;
-book detalis(which includes:genre,author,publisher,number of pages,etc.);
-blurb(from Amazon or Goodreads);
-my review;
-book trailer(if available);
-sometimes book quotes;

Where I post my reviews?

 I post my reviews on my blog(Heaven4books),Library Thing,Goodreads,Bookdepository,B&N,Amazon and Random Buzzers. I don't mind taking extra time to post it on other sites.

Whats my turn around time for review?
 It varies,depending on how many books I get and of how busy I am.But,usually,every book gets a review in 2-5 weeks.I have a schedule for reviews,but if I am really excited about the book I can review it in less than 2 weeks.If there is a certain time period you would like your book featured, please let me know and we can work out a promotion.

About e-books:
 As I don't have an eReader and am forced to read  galleys and ebooks on my computer, it usually takes longer to review an ebook copy than to review a printed copy.



You can contact me at!I hope I will reply to you very soon.In the last period of time I have received a lot of request so it's really hard to respond each one of you in 1 day.

                     Thanks for stopping on my blog and checking out this page!

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