27 apr. 2012

New poster for The Vampire Diaries

I personally think that in this image is Tatia,the original Petrova.And even if I'm not right,I have something about her down the image.

Tatia, also known as the Original Petrova, is the progenitor of the Petrova Doppelgänger line which spawned both Katerina Petrova and Elena Gilbert.
Tatia is a member of the Petrova Family

I.Early History:
 During The Middle Ages she had a child with an unknown man; later in time she met both Elijah and Niklaus, both of whom fell for and loved her. Esther, the mother of Elijah and Niklaus, used her in the spell to create the Original Vampires, with her blood as part of the wine laced with blood Mikael gave his children. Her blood was also part of the spell Esther used to bind Klaus's werewolf side.

II.Season Two:
Tatia was mentioned by Klaus and Elijah during the season two. The first reference of her was presented in the episode Klaus (Episode) , where Elijah was introduced to Katerina Petrova. Elijah says: "I'm sorry,you remind me of someone I knew". In the same episode, Klaus tells Elijah about "Love" being a vampire's biggest weakness when Elijah tells Klaus about having feelings. Klaus says that vampires do not feel and do not care but then Elijah mentions about Tatia by saying: "We did once" to which Klaus replies by saying "It`s too many lifetimes ago to matter".

III.Season Three:
In the episode The Reckoning, Rebekah mentions Tatia. She says: "The Original one was much prettier".
In Bringing Out The Dead, Klaus and Elijah reveal about their past with Tatia. They both reveal that they loved her and fought for her. Every man desired to be her suitor even though she had a child by another man. It is also revealed that it was her blood which was laced in the wine they drank before getting killed by Mikael and leading to the creation of The Originals.

IV.Physical Appearance and Personality:
Tatia is a beautiful young woman with an oval face, almond-shaped brown eyes, and smooth, long dark brown hair. Her height is about 5'6" and she has a slim, slightly athletic physique. Tatia is exactly identical to her descendents Katherine Pierce and Elena Gilbert.

No one knows what is or was the personality of Tatia, but possibly one like Katherine and Elena before being damaged by the supernatural world.

For a while The Original Petrova's name was thought to be Charlotte, but it was just a name mentioned by Julie Plec in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. [1] The character's appearance in the series is not confirmed yet.

  • In Bringing Out The Dead, Elijah mentioned that they met Tatia after they moved to the new world. That indicates that she was born in the new world, and she was a part of the village full of werewolves.

  • She will be the third character that Nina Dobrev will be playing, if she does appear in the series.

  • She was used as part of Klaus's hybrid Curse, which Esther had put on him.

  • Meaning of the name Tatia is: Founder.

  • It was her blood which was used in the creation of The Originals.

  • Tatia, like her doppelganger Katherine, is said to have had a child out of wedlock.

  • Tatia, like her doppelganger Elena Gilbert, was born in the area of the town that became Mystic Falls.

  • Tatia will not be introduced into the show this season. Julie Plec stated in an interview that they have no intention of exploring The Original Petrova's story anytime soon.

  • Esther used Tatia's blood to turn her family into Vampires, it isn't known if the ritual required her death, though.

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