18 mai 2012

Interview with Angela Corbett,author of "Eternal Starlight"

Her work:

A love so strong, even eternity can’t separate them.

Evie Starling has lived a relatively uneventful life hanging out with friends, gossiping about boys, and driving her 1966 Mustang. All of that changes when she moves to Gunnison, Colorado, to start college and meets two mysterious men.

For centuries, Alex Night and Emil Stone have yearned for Evie—but they each have their own reasons for wanting to be with her. When both men claim to be her soul mate and tell her about an unbelievable past, Evie learns that she’s not the person she thought she was. Soon, Evie finds herself in the middle of an age-old battle between the Amaranthine Society—the soul protectors, and the Daevos Resistance—the soul destroyers. With a past she doesn’t understand, and a future rife with danger, Evie has to decide who she can trust. But Alex and Emil aren’t the only ones who want Evie, and her soul is about to become the rope in an eternal tug-of-war.

   Something about her:                                                                              

As a child, Angela Corbett’s most prized possession was a set of read-along books. She used to follow along with the narrator on the stereo and dream of when she would be able to read by herself. Her childhood reading habit led her to consider her future career. However, after consulting with her parents, she realized she had already exceeded hobbit height and since fairies and dragonslayers were tricky jobs to get, she decided she wanted to create worlds of her own. She started writing poetry in elementary school and worked as a journalist in high school and college, but could never leave her love for writing fiction behind.
 She is a graduate of Westminster College where she double majored in communication and sociology. She has worked as a journalist, freelance writer, and director of communications and marketing. She loves classic cars, traveling, and escaping in a good book. She lives in Utah with her incredibly supportive husband and their five-pound Pomeranian, Pippin, whose following of fangirls could rival Justin Bieber's.

Eternal Starling is her debut novel and the first book in the Emblem of Eternity trilogy.

The interview:

A:Let's start like this:what can you say about you in two sentences.Three words that describe you...
A.C:I’m a vegetarian, my favorite holiday is Halloween, I love scary movies, and my favorite TV show is The Vampire Diaries.
Three words that describe me are: Fiesty, Perfectionist, Germaphobe.

A:What inspired you to write Eternal Starling?
A.C:I wanted to write an eternal love story, but I wanted to create my own mythology and make it different than anything I’d read before. I saw a TV show about reincarnation and realized it would be perfect for the love story I wanted to write. Then one day I was driving in my car and heard Gavin Rossdale’s song, “Love Remains the Same” on the radio. Everything fell into place in my head and I started writing Eternal Starling that night!

A:You are a very good writer and we would like to know when did you started to write stories?About what were them?
A.C:I've wanted to be a writer for as long as I can remember. I love the process of reading and telling stories, and getting to live in another world for a while. When I was young, most of the stories I wrote were about fantasy worlds, or unusual things happening to people. I started writing poetry in elementary school and had my first poem published in a magazine when I was 11. I wrote a lot of short stories when I was a teenager, then fell in love with journalism. I studied journalism in college and did some freelance writing after I graduated, but I realized how much I missed writing fiction. When I got the idea for Eternal Starling, I knew being an author was what I wanted to do.

A:What do you think about the children who are not reading and they prefer to watch the movie and to not read the book?Isn't it sad for a author of books?
A.C:I think that's changing, and more kids are reading books. There are so many fantastic Young Adult novels and authors now. I think those books have really sparked an interest in reading for kids and teens. I don't think watching movies is bad, sometimes you just want an escape where you don't have to think. But, I love how many movies are based on books now! I think people often go to movies and find out it was based on a book, then they want to read the book too.

A:Is going this book to be the first in a series?If yes,tell us how many novels will be in the series and how will be they called?
A.C:Yes! Eternal Starling is the first book in the Emblem of Eternity trilogy. The titles for the other two books haven't been released yet.

A:Do you have other projects,like a new series in the near future?
A.C:Right now, I'm concentrating on the Emblem of Eternity trilogy, but I have two other projects I love and work on when I have time.

A:What was your favorite book when you were a child and which is now?
A.C:I had so many favorites when I was young! The book that made me love reading was a children's book version of The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien. The book that made me want to be a writer was The Fairy Rebel by Lynne Reid Banks. I read it when I was in first grade and fell completely in love with the fairies. I wanted to live with them forever. My favorite Young Adult books are The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins, and The Study Series by Maria V. Snyder.

A:The favorite mythological character is...?
A.C:I love dragons!

A:The three most important things in your life are....?
A.C:My husband; our dog, Pippin; and chocolate. I couldn't get any writing done without chocolate.

A:What made you wanna write,and can you explain the procees detailed,from writing to publishing?
A.C:I love escaping to another world, and have always wanted to write worlds of my own! I started writing Eternal Starling in June of 2008 and finished it in three months. I spent a year revising Eternal Starling before I started submitting it to agents and publishers. As I got feedback from agents and publishers, I revised it more and kept submitting the book to agents and publishers until January of 2011 when Pendrell Publishing offered me a contract to publish the book.

A:What would you like yo say about urban fantasy books to our parents?
A.C:All books help people think about things in different ways and become more creative! There are some fantastic urban fantasy books out right now!

A:Before ending I would like to know what do you think about my blog(selfish question).Do you think I should write in english too?
 A.C:I love the layout and design! It's easy to read, and you review a lot of different books! I think writing in English too could help you get more readers who speak English, but I don't think it's required. If I want to read a blog from another country, I just translate it using Google Translate.

A:In the end of this interview,what did you heard about our country and would you like to visit it?
A.C:I've heard that people in Romania are very nice! I would LOVE to visit Romania! I've had so many fabulous readers and bloggers contact me from your country! Everyone has been so supportive of my book and trying to get it published there. I appreciate everyone with all my heart, and hope I get to meet some of you in person one day!

And in ending: Thank you very much,Nely,for this interview!I never thought you will respond to me.But,of course,you surprised me.


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