13 oct. 2012

TV series I'm watching this autumn...

 Hello everyone!What are you doing?I am really caught with school and I didn't have enought time to post daily on the blog.I am very happy that there is a lot of interest in my blog and that you are entering here daily to see if I am still writing.And I am.

 In this weekend I could relax cause highscool is like a rollercoster.I watched the first episode of the forth season of The Vampire Diaries,which was really intense.You really have to watch it because Elena is finally chossing one of the Salvatore brothers.You just have to watch it if you want to know who because I don't like to spoil.

I also watched the second episode of the second season of Revenge.Revenge is definetly one of ABC Family's best Tv Shows.If you thought a series can't be better than Pretty Little Liars than you haven't saw Revenge.

This week it also started a new CW Tv Series called Arrow.It's a action tv series which looks alike a superhero movie.It has potential!

The last show I started watching is 666 Park Avenue.The show is seductive,but it's a horror/supernatural one so I don't recomand it if you are the scary tipe.

QUESTION:What tv series are you watching in this autumn?Waiting them in comments!!!


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