23 dec. 2012

The Casual Vacancy by J.K.Rowling(review)



 Pagford has always been an idyllic town that until the sudden death of Barry Fairbrother, Parish Council. Only then, the landscape changes, there are forming camps, strategies and alliances, intrigue and enemies.
 Candidates for the post of Barry will do anything to get their hands on it.The fight to keep the Fields neighbourhood under the leadership of Pagford is more dangerous than ever.Who will win the struggle for power that began and whose main slogan is "The end justifies the means"?
 In a short time, the town will no longer be what it was.No one believed that people's actions will have those consequences as well.A unique and fascinating story that explores human nature and makes you meditate on life.

                                                           My thoughts:

 I've been an ardent fan of J.K. Rowling's books. The Harry Potter series has opened my appetite for reading, and I thought that the author won’t be able to create a new story as interesting and emoționally.

 I've been wrong, because” The Casual Vacancy" was a memorable book, which offers a lesson of life and an overview of the human types  that we find in every society, in some other form, but a common essence.

 Indeed the book is not one to children because some moments are not suitable for people under 15 years.But, if you read any book in the series Georgina Kincaind by Richelle Mead or in the trilogy Fifty Shades of Grey of E.L.James certainly you can buy this book.

 The first 50 pages are introducing the reader in the small English town Pagford where struggles for power and for overcoming humble social conditions,brought to light the darkest secrets of the pepole from Pagford.No one will be forgiven, all will be exposed in front of the other without any right to appeal.I liked very much the fact that the author was not involved at all  in the story.Ms.Rowling did not choose a character to be the best and some characters to be “the evil ones”No, she remains like a spectator, a master puppeteer, outside the game, willing to play with the fates of the characters.

 At the same time the first pages produce a state of unease, because you meet  many characters and  when you get used with them,you skip to a new chapter,which introduces a new character.That it was indeed a bit strange when I first started reading, but the most deeper I got into the life of Pagford I have never felt this again.I have admired the work of shaping so many characters, even thought at first they seemed to have no bounds  to each other, the author digs up the past and shows us that they are more united than they seem to be.

 I read a few reviews before I bought  this book and I thought it would be a real setback, which will forever stain the  incombatabil success  that had the series of Harry Potter novels. Therefore, last Saturday I decided to buy it because I wanted to see by my own that it was real failure.But that was not so.

 The characters are extremely well contoured, and by the fact that embodies human typologyes, the author makes an  mercilessly  analysis of society in which we live.Each chapter is presented an episode in the life of a character or a family and sometimes makes you think that you read a character's psychological data sheet  and helps you understand them better.

 The action is quite slow at the beginning of the novel because we are going to meet  the characters.However, immediately after you read half of the book you feel as if you have stepped into a carousel,which no longer stops: shocking revelations, intrigue, sabotage, plans and especially what Ms. Rowling was always good at: skillful twists.

 Contrary to the negative opinions that sparked this book I do not seem to me that it was a book just about sex, drugs, and alcohol.I perceived it as a book by Rowling makes us see the hidden face of the society.
 It seemed to me a sad book, and the end was unbelievable.We have seen that even the one action that seems trivial at a time can have very serious consequences for our future, but also for the people who love us.At the same time we learn that every secret untold produces a larger wound when it is found out after some time.I learned that life should always be viewed from two perspectives: yours and the other ones (and if you succeed in doing this then you'll always do what's right for you and those around you).At least,it  shows  us that we must try to be honest with us.

In terms of the message I can only congratulate Ms.Rowling for the succes of hiding these substrates in the quiet setting of Pagfordului and of the so-called idyllic lives of the inhabitants.


All in all,"The Casual Vacancy"by J.K.Rowling was an exciting,mysterious,profound adult novel,which has all the elements of a successfull book. I would not mind if the author would decide to continue the idea, although I don't see how long could continue cause it kinda ended the fates of the characters.But who knows?!

Book details:

HardcoverFirst Edition (US)512 pages
Published September 27th 2012 by Little, Brown and Company

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