16 sept. 2011

The 9 Lives of Chloe King anulat!!!

Aflati mai jos ce pareri au actorii despre anularea serialului:
Skyler Samuels
Fans of I can't thank u enough for all of ur support, though we r sad to see it end, we couldn't have made it this far without u.
Ki Hong Lee
by SkylerSamuels
Dear fans. You guys are still the best fans in the world. Thanks for the love week in and week out. I will always remember.
Benjamin Stone
So sorry to all the fans who put so much effort into supporting and tried so hard to get a Season two, you guys have been amazing
Benjamin Stone
I will miss the show but most of all working with my cast mates everyday. They are all so wonderfully talented and made the show for me.
I can't believe is cancelled! What was thinking?!


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Imi pare rau ca au anulat serialul. Asteptam cu sufletul la gura continuarea. Este pierderea lor, oricum.

@Dreams*Link,am auzit zvonuri ca vor sa faca un serial.

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